Which Businesses Require Security Guards?

Many businesses have higher security requirements than others. Armed robbery is less likely to occur at a grocery store than in a high-end jewelry store. There are just too many stores that require protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Continue reading to find out whether your business is one of them. Small […]

Safeguard – Changing with the Security Landscape

The security landscape is changing today and so is Safeguard On Demand . With the pandemic having changed the workplace rules, we are changing our security protocols to better serve our customers. We are innovating to put technology to the best use possible.  Although our best practices are in place, the changing scenari …

Common Areas That Are Vulnerable To Security Lapses

Getting a security assessment every year is essential for your business. You may have made renovations or have had upgrades or changed your floor plan, or made adjustments to your interiors. This needs to be analyzed by a security services team so that they can assess the vulnerabilities in security and make changes ac …

How Do Thieves And Burglars Decide On The House They Want To Rob

To keep your home secure, it is critical to have security in your residential area at all times. Most people assume that burglaries occur at night, however, this is not the reality. Daytime burglaries are the most common, as people are generally not at home at this time. Burglars choose a low-key approach to their […]