• June 30, 2021
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Your home should be the safest place that you can be. But due to the rise of home invasions and burglaries, it has become a major issue of late. By following simple safety and security tips, you can improve your security and deter thieves from entering your home. 

Don’t Make It Easy For Criminals To Conceal Themselves

Check your property for any potential hiding spots. Always keep the trees and shrubs trimmed, especially near your windows, so that no one can hide behind them. Allow no bushes to obstruct your view. Lighting up your entire property is a good idea. Look around the property for any dark nooks and corners and light them up. The best option is to utilize lights with motion detectors.

Set Up A Home Security System

Alarms will not entirely prevent thieves from entering your home, but they will make them reconsider their options. An alarm system will quickly notify the authorities, giving the burglars less time on the premises. At all times, make sure the alarm system is turned on, even when you are at home. This will make sure that the thieves do not take advantage of the fact that you are in one part of the property and enter into an area that is not occupied.

Prevent Thieves From Knowing Your Holiday Plans

You might have plans to go on vacation and be super excited to let people know through social media. Do not do this. Thieves will know that you won’t be at your home during this time and can attempt to break in. Post about your vacation only after returning from the trip. Ask a neighbor to drop by now and then to pick up all mail at your property. Flyers and newspapers on your door are an indication that no one is at home. Ask the neighbor to get rid of them too.

Security guards are specifically trained to prevent any burglary from taking place at your premises. You can go on that vacation you wanted stress-free, knowing that the security of your home is in safe hands. Safeguard on Demand offers security guards services in Orange County and Security guards services in Los Angeles. Based on your requirement you can also opt for mobile patrol security services. Want a customized security solution? Call us today.