• June 4, 2021
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The healthcare and wellbeing of the elderly in assisted living homes are of utmost priority more than most. These retirement homes or senior assisted homes have seniors that have different care requirements or medical conditions.


These elderly are vulnerable and can be affected even if there is the slightest incident in the facility. These places can be easy targets for miscreants, as the elderly can offer little or no resistance. That’s why they need an environment that can be peaceful and well-guarded.


Engaging the right security guard service in Los Angeles that offers security guards that are courteous and able to assist in case required is critical. Keep the following points in mind to help determine if the security services dana point meets your needs in the following areas:


  • Does the company have experience in guarding your fieldSecurity guard companies have skilled and trained guards suited for different types of work environments. There are different types of skills needed when guarding a school, a warehouse, an office building, or a hotel lobby. Similarly, when it comes to guarding services for the elderly, you need to deploy more compassionate and courteous guards. Therefore, when evaluating a security guard service, you have to ensure they have similar expertise to yours. 
  • Online ReviewsOne of the best ways to evaluate the security company is to see what their present and past customers are saying about them. If there are too many bad reviews, you need to be wary of that company. 
  • Insurance and Licensing  — Are they up-to-date on paying their insurance coverage premiums? If they sustain injuries on the job or damage private property while protecting your building, are they covered? Do they have licensed guards? Unlicensed guards may come cheaper, but they may not have the required training and background checks licensed guards have. 
  • Updated Technology  — Is the security company in sync with the latest technology, or are they still using traditional practices. What kind of protection do they offer? DO they offer mobile patrol security services? Find out if their guards are trained in using the latest technology. 
  • Customer Service and Quality Assurance  — The security team is the extension of the company. Check if the company conducts regular reviews and key performance areas are measured. How fast is the security guard company’s response rate? The quality of responses will give you an insight into the difficulties you may incur later.

This evaluation will help you understand the nuances of the security team. Whether it is the right fit and has experience in your environment. Whether you and your residents, staff, and visitors will benefit from their services at your premises.