Our Values

At Safeguard On Demand, our actions and our support are always driven by our values. We know that our clients are looking for a well-qualified team to help them. Our clients are also looking for a team that acts in a way that matches their values. We believe that acting on our values means that we are better able to provide consistent, quality security services. And consistent, quality security services are what our clients and customers need to feel safe and supported as they go about their daily lives. Here is more information regarding our core values.


As security veterans, we know what quality security services look like. We also know that our clients need the highest quality support and guidance from us. Our commitment to quality means that we ensure our security personnel pass strenuous FBI background checks. It also means that our security guards are put through thorough and comprehensive training before they move out into the world to support you. We also make certain that our security plans and services will fit the needs of each client. When technology and mobile patrols are involved, we rigorously check our equipment and our vehicles to make sure that malfunctions and breakdowns do not get in the way of your safety.


The needs of each client and corporation are just that – the needs of each individual client and each individual corporation. We at Safeguard On Demand recognize that cookie cutter security services can lead to huge amounts of liability and significant gaps in security. Our commitment to customization means that we gather comprehensive information about our clients’ needs before forming a security plan and recommending security services. Variables such as your building’s floor plan and your company’s hours of operation can make huge differences in the type of support that you need. By gathering all of the pertinent information and forming an individualized plan, we ensure that your security services never hang you out to dry.


Any security services that are put in place for a client need to be implemented with fidelity in order to work accurately. At Safeguard On Demand, we believe in providing consistent services and consistent 24/7 dispatch support so you never need to worry that your security team has taken a day off. Consistent patrols, security guard training and technology implementation all work together to make sure you are always safe.

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SafeGuard On Demand offers service and security of a higher caliber. We team our fleet with specially-trained uniformed security guards, officers who possess decades of experience in the field.

We operate 24 / 7. Contact us anytime for any queries and service.

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Get free consultation (800) 640-2327

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