Our Approach

Not every security company looks at safety the way that we do at Safeguard On Demand. Many other companies provide you with the same tired options with little variation in support. Here at Safeguard On Demand, we take a different perspective when it comes to your safety. We believe that using the same support options and plans over and over gives predatory individuals an advantage. We also believe that tailoring security to you is one of the most important ways that we can support you and your needs.

Using Your Information to Determine Your Needs

We take in detailed information when we begin working with each client because the needs and concerns of our clients vary widely. If we are providing warehouse security, our support will look very different than it would for security at a construction site. Additionally, a large facility with multiple entrances will need different support than a private residence. We also work with you to get your input regarding your specific security concerns and a history of your past security problems. If your facility has had break ins before, it is helpful for us to know as many details as we can gather regarding these incidents. If you routinely deal with individuals loitering on your property, we will know that we need to provide support in order to help you deal with loiterers. Vandalism, graffiti and vagrants in your area are other concerns that we would like to know about before we make security support recommendations to you.

Recommending Services to Support Your Needs

Upon receiving all of our clients’ information and determining client needs, we at Safeguard On Demand look closely at the profile created. We take the time to pay attention to your specific needs and areas of liability. After analyzing all of the data, we provide a recommendation for security support to you. That security support may include video monitoring, especially if your facility is large and has multiple entrances that need to be watched closely. We may recommend additional mobile patrol units to come to your property and check it at strategic times. Security guards can also patrol on foot, varying their route in order to catch any predatory individuals who may be attempting to find a movement pattern during patrols. In addition, we provide 24/7 dispatch services and the capability to carefully document any problematic incidents on your property.

What we do Our Services

SafeGuard On Demand offers service and security of a higher caliber. We team our fleet with specially-trained uniformed security guards, officers who possess decades of experience in the field.

We operate 24 / 7. Contact us anytime for any queries and service.

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Get free consultation (800) 640-2327

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