Our Security Guard Training

Safeguard On Demand works hard to be certain that your services will be effective for you as a client. Effective security services always need to start with effective personnel. To make sure that you as a client are getting the most out of your security services, we start from the beginning – with our security guards. Getting each individual security guard ready to be a part of your security team takes a concerted effort, and we always expend that effort on your behalf to make sure that our guards are able to effectively support you. Since you will be interacting with your dedicated security guard frequently, it is crucial that you have qualified support.

Our Hiring Process

We start by making sure that our interview and hiring process is designed to comprehensively screen any potential new hire. We put our prospective hires through a lengthy and precise interview process, checking to make sure that they have both the qualifications and the experience necessary to provide security services. Upon hiring new security personnel, we conduct an FBI background check in order to ensure that they are up to the task of supporting your security needs. Naturally, Safeguard On Demand only hires qualified individuals as security guards. We also do not retain any security personnel who do not pass the FBI background check in a satisfactory way.

Our Training Process

We begin our security guards’ employment experience with comprehensive training to get them ready to provide excellent security services. We familiarize them with our 24/7 dispatch services and let them get acquainted with the type of communication they will need to have with our dispatch team. We also get them used to the type of video monitoring technology that we regularly utilize in order to help them use video monitoring in an optimal way. New security guards are trained as far as patrol route formulation and the methods that Safeguard On Demand uses to properly build security plans for clients. Additionally, security guards are trained as far as documentation of any incidents or suspicious behavior on clients’ premises. Since a large part of their duties will be providing Daily Activity Reports (DARs), it is important for any new security guard to know how to provide quality documentation for clients. On top of documenting daily activity, security guards are shown the important points of contacting and communicating with your local law enforcement officials.

What we do Our Services

SafeGuard On Demand offers service and security of a higher caliber. We team our fleet with specially-trained uniformed security guards, officers who possess decades of experience in the field.

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