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When you have a security team working for you, you know that your safety is a top priority for them. What you may not know is just how much communication and effort goes into protecting you, your property and your assets. Your security team members don’t just function alone. They work hard to touch base with each other in an organized manner. Here’s an inside look at how your security team communicates:

Mobile Patrol Units 

When you partner with security guards who provide mobile patrol services, your team will be on the go a lot. Orange County mobile patrol security guards prioritize communicating with each other. They check in as they go on patrols together. They also typically check in with each other at the beginning and end of each shift. While much of their communication is with other mobile patrol unit security guards, they also communicate with other members of your security team. If you employ a security guard who provides foot patrol services, your mobile patrol security guards will likely check in with him or her as well. 

Dispatch Services 

When you have security services, you also have the opportunity to ask your dispatch operators questions. Dispatch service is available to you for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. What you may not know is that your dispatch operators communicate effectively with your security team behind the scenes to make sure that your concerns are covered. Dispatch operators can inform your security guards who perform foot patrol of any suspicious activity that recently occurred. They can also let your dedicated mobile patrol security guards know about any security issues and recent problems that you’ve been having. 

Security Guards

Your security guards who patrol on foot also support your security team via lots of clear communication. Your security guard for each shift will communicate with you regarding your safety needs and specific concerns. He or she will also take the time to coordinate with the security guards whose shifts adjoin his or her shifts. Security guard companies in Orange County know that one of the best ways to prioritize your security is to make sure that your security team is on the same page. When your security team works together as one, criminal or suspicious behavior on your premises doesn’t stand a chance. 

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