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Upgrade the security of your establishment with a patrol vehicle by giving us a phone call right now: (800) 640-2327

Our patrol vehicles are in operation for our clients 24/7, providing deterrence & safety in all high-crime areas and hours.

If you give a criminal an inch, they will take a mile and wreak havoc in your establishment, along with the people in it.

By simply having a Safeguard-patrol vehicle, monitor and patrol your establishment. Criminals just simply can’t operate in the presence of a Safeguard-patrol vehicle.

Curious about how we operate for our hundreds of satisfied clients?

Here are some of the benefits our patrol vehicles bring to the table:– Patrol vehicles that resemble law enforcement squad cars…– World-class customer service…– Detailed reports…– Direct emergency notifications…– Deterrence and disruption to criminal operations…– Armed & unarmed patrol drivers…– Fully monitored patrol vehicles…– Highly observant professionals…– Rigorously trained & screened security officers…More about our services:Whether you want a quick escort to the bank or you need a patrol vehicle at your business. We’ve got you covered 24/7.Types of services we offer:– Vehicle Patrol services– Property & asset monitoring– Armed alarm response– Vehicle-escort– Policy & Safety Enforcement– Event assistance & organization– Executive protection– Closing and opening of facilitiesand much much more…What we protect & how we assist you:End-to-end customized protection for your establishment or event: We will have every exit, entrance, or area that needs to be monitored by an active security guard covered…Policy, safety & Rules enforcement: Whether you are hosting an event, you need help directing your business patrons, or your community needs to abide by specific laws or policies. Our patrol vehicle drivers can command authority and help ensure your establishment or event is in line with local regulations given to you.Vehicle Escort: If you need a patrol vehicle to escort your vehicle to a specific destination, at any time, for an undisclosed reason. Safeguard can cater to your route and specific needs.Residential Patrol: A spike in crime can be triggered without cause in any neighborhood. Whether you need one home, or an entire neighborhood monitored. Our safeguard officers will take the worry off your shoulders while you rest at ease, knowing your general area or home is safe.Gated Community Patrol: Increase the safety of your gated community even further with one of our patrol vehicles. Our patrol vehicles can monitor your entire community throughout the night. Creating a deterrence to crime while adding an extra feeling of safety for your residents.Commercial property patrol: Our patrol vehicles can keep your commercial property extra safe and well-guarded. Whether you are interested in protecting your car-lot, a high-rise, property with complex layout, shopping center, warehouse, construction site, industrial complex, or your small “Mom-and-Pop shop”. We can create a custom service plan that works for you.Asset protection: If you have assets that are high-risk, and you think they could be vulnerable to vandalism or theft. Safeguard can provide a patrol vehicle to watch over your high-risk assets while you are not able to. Events: If you are hosting a concert, corporate picnic, or a public meeting, our patrol vehicles can assist with safety and organization.–  Transportation Hubs: Our vehicles provide security for airports, train stations, and bus stations.Why choose Safeguard?We rigorously train our security officers to protect your assets and your establishment. We have hundreds of satisfied customers because we bring world-class customer service, and strategy when it comes to protecting you, your establishment, or assets.Give us a call for a budget-friendly customized package that works for your establishment or event.

Upgrade the security of your establishment with a patrol vehicle by giving us a phone call right now: (800) 640-2327

We operate 24 / 7. Contact us anytime for any queries and service.

<span> Get free consultation </span> (800) 640-2327

Get free consultation (800) 640-2327

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