When it comes to security, Hospitals are among some high risk institutions, because of the vulnerable group of people that reside, work, and visit the facility, in addition to the sensitive information, and material that is kept in the hospital. It is vital for hospitals to hire security that can provide the best service at all times in order to keep, and maintain the good image and reputation of the institution.

The Hospital Security officers play a huge role in securing the smooth running of the hospitals, and in a way they actually are the first line of defense. Having the presence of the most reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable team of security personnel gives the patients, visitors, and staff a peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

Hospital Security Officers

Besides the highly trained new security guards, some of our hospital security officers come from different types of security backgrounds which range from off duty police officers, former military personnel, and various other security careers. These security officers have vast knowledge, and years of experience that qualifies them to work efficiently in a hospital environment. Depending on the area of security service that is needed by the hospital, different types of security guards are allocated according to their experience, and training. We at safeguard have both standing guards unarmed and armed.

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Relationship & Communication

Hospitals are always busy with a lot of activities going on at the same time, be it the arrival of patients, visitors coming in and going out, hospital staff coming in and going out, and on top of that there is a lot of deliveries being brought in to the hospital, or in some cases sensitive materials that are being transported out of the hospital premises. The hospital security plays a huge role in preventing, and minimizing huge crisis, such as violence, theft, and crime, Hospital security officers facilitate a secure plan that ensures the protection of the staff, the patients, the visitors, and the property.

They develop a positive relationship, and good communication with hospital staff and visitors to ensure that everyone in the hospital premises feels safe, and comfortable.

They create solutions to every security challenge that arises, and they try to prevent most of those challenges from happening by patrolling the hospital grounds, looking out for any signs of suspicious activities, making sure that all deliveries, and departures are monitored, and ensuring that there are no illegal activities or anomalies happening.

In case of an emergency hospital evacuation, hospital security officers see to it that the evacuation is done safely and in a timely manner with their professional help. The hospital security officers help with patients that portray violent behavior, they also help to de-escalate tense situations without causing harm. They write thorough reports of all daily activities that need reporting, attending to and looked into (Theft, damage, suspicious occurrences). The hospital security officers pay great attention to details, they are focused, and alert at all times, they stay vigilant, and they do their job with dedication, honesty, and integrity.

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