Car Dealership Security

Car Dealership Security

Car dealerships have many security concerns regarding their vehicles displayed publicly on their lots.  Breakins, attacks, and other damages are known to have happen with some dealerships. Perhaps you have had security difficulties in the past, but you can be rest assured that these problems will be handled if you utilize Safeguard On Demand’s competent team of professionals. Safeguard On Demand monitors and patrols dealership parking lots. We can handle multiple parking lots in any location. We provide security at indoor showrooms as well even at trade shows.  We have standing guards and CCTV’s at all times.  You can be assured that Vehicles will be safe and secured with Safeguard On Demand. We’ve worked with dealerships in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and surrounding areas. No car dealership in Southern California needs to be unprotected when Safeguard On Demand is around.

Security Patrols That Protect

Dealerships need to keep their assets on the lot and in pristine condition. Safeguard On Demand can provide security support customized to your specific needs.  We can monitor with standing, armed guards and mobile patrols.  Our Highly trained security guards are available 24/7 to patrol your lot in order to watch for suspicious or illegal activities taking place.

Visualize Your Lot with Video Monitoring

Safeguard On Demand can provide you with video monitoring so that every aspect of your lot is always visible. You don’t have to worry about missing a moment of the activity on your lot when you have cameras positioned in strategic locations. If criminal activities occur, Safeguard On Demand’s trusted professionals can contact the authorities if needed and document any follow-up actions that need to take place. Why spend valuable time worrying when you can consult with Safeguard On Demand? Free up your time to focus on your car dealership and its inventory.

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