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Remote Patrol Using CCTVs

SafeGuard On Demand offers comprehensive Remote Patrol and monitoring via CCTVs, a must for any business or private property. Our Closed Circuit, which is also often referred to as video surveillance. We use high quality video cameras to transmit a signal to the specific location of your choice, viewable on a set of computer monitors.

The Future of Protection is Here

Protect your property. Look after loved ones, employees, assets, and a number of additional security requirements you have for your home, business, or both! CCTV systems have been around for years, using analog cameras to capture visual information in the field. IP-based cameras can carry out the same function as analog CCTV systems, but have a host of extra capabilities that you can take advantage of. Higher resolution, more and more flexibility, email capability and cloud storage. IP cameras can also be specially programmed to watch for nebulous or suspicious activity. Video data can be kept on site, or in a more remote location.

We can help you watch your property. SafeGuard On Demand can be your eyes and ears, helping you to protect what is most important to you. We have experience in the field and employ experienced guards and surveillance experts who work round the clock, ensuring your safety, your familys safety, and your employeessafety. Dont gamble or risk your livelihood. Predators are out there in the world waiting to capitalize on an open opportunity to victimize businesses and private properties. SafeGuard On Demand would like the responsibility of taking care of you and your people. You can rest at ease knowing that youve enlisted the best security experts in the business.

Contact SafeGuard On Demand today for your initial consultation. We can tell you more about how Remote Patrol and CCTV surveillance can benefit your home and business.

Vehicle Patrols

Our guards patrol regularly and are encouraged to be an approachable source of information to patrons, residents and employees. Letting the public know that we are there for them generates a feeling of community and safety.

Trained Professionals

Our uniformed security officers are trained to act as a criminal deterrent by adopting the principals of the C.O.P (community orientating program) methodology

24/7 Dispatch

Our staff of full service dispatchers work around the clock monitoring and maintaining client assets. With constant contact to guards in the field immediate response time is a sense of comfort for our clents

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