• May 30, 2020
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How Security Guard Companies in Orange County Keep You Safe as Your State Reopens

As California begins reopening businesses, security risks and problems are going to shift. The past couple of months have seen a lot of burglaries of empty businesses as well as a lot of graffiti and vandalism. The present conditions in our state are going to bring a new wave of security issues. If you have the help of a security company, your security team can help you to anticipate these changes as they come. Here are some of the ways that your security team can help you weather these adjustments well:

 Help with Adjusting Patrols 

With more people able to go to businesses and retail stores, Orange County mobile patrol security guards may need to change their patrol routes and times. If you have a security team that involves security guards patrolling your business on foot, they may also need to change the areas that they patrol most intensely. Since more businesses are having consumers line up outside due to lower capacity inside the stores, foot traffic will necessitate your security guards being flexible about their routes.

 Using CCTVs to Your Advantage 

Your CCTV monitors will become increasingly important during these times, as more people are having to distance and wait outside of stores and businesses due to the reduced capacity inside of businesses. If an altercation or problem occurs, your only chance of seeing what actually happened may be via CCTV. Make sure that you regularly maintain your CCTV monitors and that you have a routine in place for viewing the recordings if something suspicious occurs on your premises. Since you can’t be everywhere and you are supposed to maintain social distancing, your CCTVs can be a huge asset to you here.

 Finding Liabilities and Risks 

While you may not need to utilize Orange County private event security for private events any time soon, your security team can still help you with the complicated endeavors that go into dealing with events or entities that handle large numbers of people. With people wearing masks, many criminals are taking advantage and wearing masks to obscure their identities while committing crimes. Your security team can help you to identify potential risks and work around problems that you are experiencing. It’s no secret that challenging times are upon us, but your security team can help you not feel overwhelmed.

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