• June 10, 2020
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Security guards nowadays accomplish many different tasks on the job. As a consumer, it can be confusing to determine what exactly security guards do and what makes their different job responsibilities stand out from one another. If you have hired a security team, you likely know that each job description within your security team is unique. What you may not know is the part that your mobile patrol security guards play in your security team. Here’s a bit more information about how your mobile patrol team works for you:

 They Communicate with the Rest of Your Team

Your mobile patrol security team functions as their own entity, but they also communicate with the rest of your security team. If you have security guards that complete foot patrol for you, your mobile patrol team will touch base with them in order to make sure that they are on the same page. Newport Beach security guard services provide big picture support for you – that means that your team communicates well within itself to make sure your needs are covered.

 They Complete Patrols

For a mobile patrol security guard, the majority of their time is spent conducting mobile patrols for you and for other clients. Security guard services in Irvine work with you to determine the most effective patrol route. They will also get your input regarding your security concerns and the times when you need patrols the most. Your mobile patrol team will conduct their patrols accurately and will vary their patrol times and routes (within a pre-specified plan) in order to make sure that they foil any criminal behavior. They also periodically check on their routes and times to make sure that their plans and current methods are working well.

 They Provide Documentation

Another aspect of mobile patrol security is thorough, consistent documentation. Security guards are trained to keep an accurate record of security-related activity. Your mobile patrol unit is no different. They can provide documentation of any security issues or risks. They can also communicate with law enforcement authorities regarding your security needs, should that be necessary. When you as a consumer sit down with your security team, you can have a clear picture of how things are going with your security team. You can also make better decisions for the future with their documentation in hand.

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