Apartments and Condominiums

Safeguard on demand works closely with residential associations to keep your Condos and apartments safe. Life in these residential units always appear appealing, but often cases crimes like theft and burglaries happen.  We are here so things like that don’t happen. Every residential unit needs security and who better than us can give total security services to your surroundings.

Security companies like us just don’t protect your building, we keep it safe against theft, vandalism, unauthorized intruders and crime. We also work closely with property managers to make sure these residential properties are monitored by us properly.

Having a security presence is very important for any housing complex. Every housing community is given punctual and professional service by our trained security guards. Our services are combined with innovative and customer focused approach to provide safe and peaceful environment for those living in apartments, condos and houses.

What we offer to your community

  • Reception and customer service
  • Parking Enforcement monitoring
  • 24/7  CCTV monitoring
  • Mail and parcel security
  • Emergency enforcement
  • Safety management
  • Vehicle and intruders checking
  • Key and access control management

We ensure our clients a safe environment where people can  live in their housing complex peacefully. You are safe in our hands.

We operate 24 / 7. Contact us anytime for any queries and service.

<span> Get free consultation </span> (714) 650 7193

Get free consultation (714) 650 7193

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