Orange County Mobile Patrol Security Guards 

For anyone who has recently invested in the security service support of mobile patrol security guards, you have several choices as far as how these services support you. You can choose the general time of day for your patrols and approximately how many times per week you receive patrols. Another one of the important choices to make regarding your security services is whether you would like your patrols to occur in a marked car or an unmarked car. Before you choose which one you’d like, here are some things to think about:

Choosing a Marked Car – Factors to Consider 

Having your patrols arrive in a marked vehicle lends authority to your security guards. Marked vehicles are a good choice for when you want to foil criminal activity simply by having your patrol show up. If your security guard patrol is working in conjunction with Orange County private event security, a marked car helps your security detail to keep event goers behaving appropriately. When you want your security team’s presence to be known and felt, a marked car is a good choice. However, if you need your security team to remain unobtrusive, you may want to look for other options than a marked car. Since a marked car is quite obvious, your team may not have the opportunity to catch perpetrators of criminal activity. Marked cars may alert or scare away suspicious characters whom your security team is trying to apprehend. 

Choosing an Unmarked Car – Factors to Consider 

When you choose to have your patrols come in an unmarked vehicle, you give your security services the advantage of anonymity. An unmarked vehicle for your security guard services in Riverside is a good choice when you are hoping to have your security patrol catch any suspicious behavior without being seen first. The element of surprise is yours when your security guards utilize an unmarked car. On the other hand, unmarked cars do not necessarily signal as much authority or distinction as marked vehicles. If your security guards are providing support at an event, you may prefer to avoid unmarked vehicles, as your security guards may not be respected as well by those attending the event. However, no matter which vehicle choice you 

make, your mobile patrol security detail will take your security services to a whole new level.


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