Transportation Security Officer

While there are many people who travel frequently who understand the importance of Transportation Security Officers, there are many who do not know about them. Although Transportation Security Officers do various roles throughout each day, their main objective is safety in getting people from one point to another. Read on to discover the definition, their responsibilities, the criteria and the benefits of hiring a Transportation Security Officers.

What is a Transportation Security Officer?

Transportation Security Officers are needed daily by those who travel, important public figures or premier events that require a transportation system. These officers are the frontline workers and the first people that others will see. They carry the responsibility of securing the travel system of an individual, event or a business. . They must be able to show empathy, love interacting with people of all cultures and be solutions oriented with critical thinking for any given crisis situation.

Categories of these officers include: Lead Transportation Security Officer, Supervisory Transportation Security Officer, Training Instructor, Canine Handler, Law Enforcement, Mission Support, Human Resources Specialist, Contracts Specialist and other engaging careers.

What Are The Responsibilities of a Transportation Security Officer?

Responsibilities include using various screening equipment and technology to determine if there are dangerous objects inside of bags or items being carried into an event, near a public figure or at a terminal checkpoint. They may also do physical searches or pat downs to ensure someone is not carrying an item that can harm others. They control terminal entry and exit points at airports or major events and give directions to the public while helping them access their needs. They must maintain and use the standard operating procedures with every job they perform.

What Is The Criteria For a Transportation Security Officer?

The criteria for becoming a Transportation Security Officer is being a United States Citizen or national who is at least 18 years old. You must also have a high school diploma GED and registered for selective service. You must have the ability to pass a federal drug screening, medical exam and background check. Availability to work various hours and travel is also required.

Benefits of Hiring Transportation Security Officers?

There are many benefits for an influential public figure, event planner or business to hire Transportation Security Officers. The best benefit is ensuring that you are kept safe along with any patrons of your event or business. Your event is secure with these officers around to engage the crowd and see what needs to be done during crisis situations.

The Transportation Security Officers have extensive training from TSA that give them the ability to handle any situation that may come from answering questions to someone terrorizing your crowd. The Security Transportation Officers keep over zealous fans away, while allowing you to get on your flight or through the airport safely.

Allow Transportation Security Officers to be your best friend with any event you may be planning. They will help with securely getting people through your traveling transportation system with ease. As a planner for an airport, business, premiere event or a public figure, you have enough challenges. Let the Transportation Security Officers handle the safety issues of your transportation system and give you peace of mind that everyone will get to their destination safely.

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