Many organizations have a safety ambassador program where they have someone managing and promoting safety security measures for events, operations and the like. We at Safeguard have officers who act as ambassadors for big organizations and operations. We work to establish a safe environment where people can work and carry out tasks.

Our safety ambassadors

encourage individuals and people to be knowledgeable about safety precautions and habits in the workplace. Employees understand great risks and dangers that can occur in certain work environments. Environments such as hospitals, manufacturing facilities, even hotels, restaurants, stadiums, parks, malls, business centers, etc. all need to go under safety precautions in the workplace. Our safety ambassadors provide safety security protocols to watch employees and other people in the workplace. We try to make sure no accidents happen. We try to manage hazardous and dangerous work environments.


Our safety ambassadors educate, increase awareness of dangers, minimize accidents, enforce laws and help prevent problematic situations from arising. Our Guards work diligently with business owners, directors, managers, stakeholders and anyone of higher position in maintaining safety. We create safety tasks and raise hazards.

The qualities of our guards:

  • Prepared – Comes to work ready and equipped to lead safety protocols.
  • Alert – Maintains healthy levels of rest, proper hydration, and energy needed to handle the dangers of the job.
  • Receptive -Has a clear understanding of how to communicate necessary corrections. Willing to adjust as needed for the safety and well being of others.
  • Focused – Aware and fully engaged with current job and position
  • Communication – Always communicative with the workers
  • Thoughtful – Always follows proper procedures, encouraging others to do the same.
  • Motivated – Our guards are always motivated to work

Qualified, Skilled, Trained & Licensed Ambassador Guards:

Our ambassador guards are properly trained, educated, skilled, and licensed. They are calm and collected. They are always up to date and improvise if necessary. Our ambassadors are always scheduled to come on time and track inspections. During this Covid-19 pandemic safety coordinators and ambassadors are being sought out. We are here to provide and enable covid safety protocols within organizations. We provide COVID Screening and temperature checks. Contact us to learn more.

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