Reception and Lobby Desk Security

Reception and Lobby Desk Security

Safeguard On Demand offers services to support your hard-working reception and lobby desk staff. Anyone working in the business realm knows that security starts with the entrances and exits to your building. You do not want to leave your building’s entrances and exits exposed to security threats or liabilities. Your reception and lobby desk staff are uniquely positioned to be able to see the people entering and leaving your facility. Support from Safeguard On Demand’s highly qualified security guards can give them the confidence they need when working for you. Safeguard On Demand’s branches in Fountain Valley, Dana Point, Santa Ana and Irvine are able to provide security solutions for cities throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties.

Highly Qualified Security Guards

Safeguard On Demand hires only individuals who have passed a thorough FBI background check and screening. Security personnel are extensively trained to support your reception and lobby desk staff as they proceed through their typical workday. One of the most important priorities of your business is to keep your staff safe and confident when they are at work, and security personnel can help to calm your fears in this area. Security guards can patrol your lobby or reception area in order to make sure that all persons entering your facility do so appropriately.

Support for Your Reception and Lobby Staff

Safeguard On Demand’s security guards can keep tabs on your CCTV system and identify potential problems based on information from your video monitors. If an incident occurs, security guards can deal with this issue so that your reception staff do not have to get involved. Your reception or lobby staff can rest assured that they are able to focus simply on their jobs rather than deal with security threats. Additionally, security personnel can write daily activity reports (DARs) documenting the events of the day from a safety and security perspective. With security personnel taking care of DARs, your reception and lobby staff do not have to concern themselves with documenting any security issues while at work.

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