• April 2, 2020
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When your security services team installs video monitors or CCTV, you may be wondering just how this helps you. It is difficult to know exactly what to expect from your CCTV once it is installed as well. The benefits of a security services irvine are obvious, but the benefits of a CCTV system are less so. Thankfully, there are numerous uses and benefits (both obvious and unobtrusive) for security cameras. Here are just a few of the ways that your security team can use CCTV to their advantage:

They Allow You to Watch 

When you enlist Newport Beach security guard services, they can watch your area closely, but they are not able to be in all locations at all times. Using CCTV enables your security team to monitor multiple locations at one time. CCTV also helps your security guards to look for patterns in suspicious behavior. Using your video feed, your security team can look for liabilities and adjust patrol routes or times based on the information that they find. CCTV is a helpful step to increase the amount of information that you have about your security.

They Put Criminals On Alert

The visual message conveyed by the presence of CCTV cameras is powerful. It tells criminals that they are being watched. Businesses and residences with security cameras are often able to deter criminal activity simply by having a visible camera in place. Of course, this deterrence of criminal activity is very helpful to your security guard services in San Diego. Whether you have had fairly consistent safety or have been the victim of recent crimes, the signal sent by having a CCTV is very useful to you. Sometimes, it really is as simple as letting criminals see that you have a security camera.

They Save You Money 

In addition to providing you with crime deterrence and extra information, CCTV monitors can save you money in a couple of ways. Firstly, home insurance rates are typically cheaper if you have a security camera installed at your home. Secondly, CCTV monitors can save you the money that it might cost you to replace stolen items, pay medical bills or cover graffiti. Since having a CCTV monitor is such a valuable asset to crime deterrence, you can save the money that you might otherwise have spent on crime prevention or recovery efforts. 

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