Nowadays, it’s CDC & Government Recommended that all stores check employees and customers for their temperatures to see if they are sick. This has become a mandatory phenomenon in some areas in California and The United States. Many workplaces have had customers and employees test positive for COVID-19 and thus increasing the number of cases. The workplace and consumer areas have now become potential hazardous zones for people to catch the virus. Having an extra precaution temperature check for COVID screening is now common with stores, centers and businesses. This has become a new service that we now provide.

COVID-19 Screening Temperature Checks

Safeguard on demand now provides COVID-19 screening temperature checks for malls, hospitals, business centers, companies and more. We help protect institutions and organization from mask less and sick people entering the premises. We can help provides wipes, sprays, temperature checks to fully screen all individuals who are leaving in and out of the building. Most common thing you see are guards giving wipes or spraying hand sanitizer to people. We at Safeguard also help with temperature monitoring checks. People will be fully scanned and checked for their temperature. This will help identify if people are sick or not. Our COVID screening process is thorough, and we make sure everyone is checked properly and quickly, so they can carry on doing whatever they originally planned to.


Guards Following COVID-19 Regulations

We like to make our COVID Screening process simple, easy and hassle free for everyone. Temperature checks are important along with giving out hand sanitizers. Our Temperature check guards are friendly, punctual and responsive. We take COVID protocols very seriously. We want to make sure everyone is safe on their way. We want to make daily life as easy as possible, but we have to screen properly and make sure things are done right according to local and national laws.

At Safeguard, we make sure our guards wear masks, gloves and act properly to COVID-19 regulations. Our temperature screening process checks for people is to make sure that we are all following the guidelines to make a safer environment for everyone. That is our job here at Safeguard On Demand.

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