• January 30, 2020
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Fountain Valley, CA January 30, 2020: Safeguard On Demand has expanded their security service offerings to provide comprehensive security services Orange County like never before.

In today’s quickly-changing world, security problems come in all shapes and sizes. The security of private homes can be compromised just as quickly as the security of warehouses and business parks. Private events also present unique security challenges in today’s world. While many safety challenges present themselves, Safeguard On Demand has a wide array of security services that can support every type of concern. When in-person services are not needed, Safeguard On Demand can support with video surveillance. Cameras placed in strategic locations with the best visibility can help property owners keep a constant eye on their space. Safeguard On Demand also provides alarm systems for private residences and can respond in a split second if a concerning event takes place. Whether fire, burglary or stalking is a concern, Safeguard On Demand’s alarm system can alert homeowners to any potential danger. Along with alarm systems, Safeguard On Demand’s well-trained dispatch team is available for support or questions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

For in-person support, Safeguard On Demand can provide security guards in Riverside and in surrounding areas of Southern California. Security guards can offer support for high rise buildings, business parks, warehouses, construction sites and at other similar locations. Depending upon the square footage that needs to be secured, Safeguard On Demand can recommend the appropriate number of security guards for the facility. Guards are highly trained and can give business owners a leg up as far as safety. Security guards vary their patrol routes so that any suspicious characters are foiled before they take action. Security guards can also handle documentation for any security incidents and provide Daily Activity Reports (DARs) detailing any problematic activity on the premises they are securing.

For special events and for VIPs, Safeguard On Demand also provides quality support for any safety and security needs. Because Safeguard On Demand is one of the top security guard companies in Riverside and throughout Southern California, VIPs can feel safe with security support from their team. The security guard team completes risk assessments for each VIP client, working to make sure that services for VIPs are carefully tailored to their needs. For private events, Safeguard On Demand can provide a full security team for private events large and small. Safeguard On Demand can customize security support for each event and make sure that the event is safe from the parking lot to the stage. Using both technology and security guards, the event will go smoothly. Why waste valuable time worrying about security concerns? Contact the team at Safeguard On Demand today to find out how they can take your worries off your hands.

Contact Details:

11037 Warner Ave.,

Suite 297 Fountain Valley

CA 92708

The United States

Phone: (714) 650-7193

Fax: (949) 266-5852

Email: info@safeguardondemand.com

Web: www.safeguardondemand.com


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