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When you need help with your security, a security guard is often your first line of defense against criminal behavior and security inconveniences. What you may not know as much about is the host of skills that security guards utilize in order to keep you, your family and your business safe. While some areas of security guard companies orange county training may seem obvious, other skill areas are not as visually apparent. Here are several of the less obvious skills that your security guard may use to put your safety first:


Security staff are thoroughly trained to work well both alone and as part of a team. While some security guards are in charge of guarding only a single residence or business, others may work as a part of a large team for such things as Orange County private event security. Whether they are communicating with each other, you or local authorities, security guards are highly trained to communicate clearly. They are also trained to carry over their clear communication skills into written communication so that you, the client, can have a comprehensive record of your security guard’s findings.

Critical Thinking

When you get help from security services in Irvine, you’ll need to know that your security guard is able to clearly see your security situation. Security guards are trained to utilize their critical thinking skills in order to support you and keep you safe. When providing you with security support, security guards use their critical thinking skills to assess and analyze all of the information that they gain from your CCTV monitors, your information and the demographics of your area. Based upon all of the data provided to them, they can ensure that your security services are appropriate for you.


It is crucial that security guards have a highly developed sense of strategy. When security guard companies in anaheim are going through job training, they learn the art of developing a state-of-the-art security plan that will serve their clients well. A security guard also learns how to look for patterns in suspicious or criminal behavior and how to thwart such behavior. These planning skills are utilized in everything from security recommendations to the development of patrol routes and times. When you hire a security guard, rest assured that you will be experiencing communication skills, critical thinking and planning skills at a high level.

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