• August 28, 2021
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People look at security more than amenities and a great convenient location. They look for safety and security to call home for themselves and their families. Gated communities offer tight security systems, where trespassers cannot enter the neighborhood. To make the gated community security safe and streamlined, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid. 

Unauthorized Entry

The entrance to the gated community is the most important area. Just having a gate there is not enough to prevent unauthorized entry. Burglars today have highly sophisticated devices that can unlock these gates. Just the gate is not enough protection, and Safeguard security guards will go a long way in preventing unauthorized access, securing all access points with guards, and keeping track of who comes in and goes out.

Resident Educational Resources

Educating the residents of the gated community regarding the security measures should not be ignored. The residents are usually cooperative and welcome new security protocols being introduced. Gather the residents and give them the new security guidelines and literature. Also, let them know the rules in place if they plan to invite guests into the community without compromising security.

Incomplete Entry Logs

Guests who enter the community should sign the entry log giving their details. Visitor entry logs should be digitized and organized in a way that all the visitor information can be easily accessed. Guests should show their IDs to the guard to ensure that they are who they say they are. The entry logs should have the time of entry and exit, ensuring their duration of stay in the community is on the record.

No Security Contact

Every resident should be given a direct line to the security gate so that they can call or message them regarding any unusual activity in the community. Residents can also notify the gate if they are expecting any visitors and also alert them if there is an unauthorized entry. Residents should vote for a representative who will deal with the security guards directly to keep the safety and security of the community in mind.

Security guards provided by Safeguard On Demand are trained in the security protocols required for a gated community. Whether you are looking for security services long beach or armed security guard services in Los Angeles, Safeguard can customize the security plan in conjunction with the requests of the residents. Contact us and we will take care of your security needs.

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