• August 22, 2021
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Many businesses have higher security requirements than others. Armed robbery is less likely to occur at a grocery store than in a high-end jewelry store. There are just too many stores that require protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Continue reading to find out whether your business is one of them.

Small Stores

Smaller stores might not have too much cash in the till, but they can become a target for petty thieves if they do not have adequate security. They can steal whatever they want from the store and escape without facing any consequences. Shoplifting is a common problem that most small stores face. This is because the staff is too busy working the counter to look at the security footage. If security guards are present on the premises, petty thefts can be curtailed. 

Large Stores

The larger stores have a different problem compared to the smaller ones. These stores are so big that even with a large number of employees, it is impossible to look after every aisle all the time. Hiring trained security guards can help monitor the security camera feed at all times and check for shoplifting or any other threat in the store.


These institutions deal with a large amount of cash and are the main target for criminals. Banks need to have armed guards present on the premises at all times. Criminals who target banks are already prepared to face a large number of guards.  Hence, the banks need more armed guards that will be a deterrent.

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry is easy to hide, hence easy to steal. A jewelry store needs guards round the clock and all the inventory needs to be under surveillance 24/7. These stores have electronic devices to prevent stealing, but guards need to be present if the thief tries to flee or threatens the staff.

Pawn Shops

The local pawn shops have a lot of valuable items like jewelry, vintage items, paintings, musical instruments, etc. Due to the sheer number and the value of things being of all sizes, they can easily be stolen. Security guards can prevent that by keeping the entire inventory under surveillance.

Does your business fall under any one of these categories? Are you looking to implement security protocols for your business? Safeguards On Demand has a team of highly trained security guards in Orange County, as well as mobile patrol security services that can be the right fit for you. Give us a call and we’ll assist you immediately.