• January 12, 2021
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Hotels in Southern California present a unique blend of security challenges for hotel staff and hotel owners alike. Because hotels cater to tourists and guests, it can be difficult to know who is a hotel guest and who is a security threat. Additionally, hotel staff can often get caught up in serving guests and can miss vital security problems and information. If you need better security for your hotel, here are some of the strategies that local security companies use to beef up your hotel security.

CCTV Monitors in Every Corner

One of the most unobtrusive and accurate ways to prioritize security in hotels is via the use of CCTV monitors. Your local security company can install monitors in even the most difficult areas. You can either assign a member of your hotel staff or a member of your security team to keep an eye on the incoming video feeds. Security cameras can give you a much better idea of the actual security risks that your hotel is facing and help you combat security problems as they occur.

A Close Watch on Your Parking Areas

Hotel security is also challenging due to the need to secure your hotel’s parking areas in addition to the actual hotel building itself. Mobile patrol services can provide you with excellent parking area security services. They can ensure that no harm comes to the cars of hotel guests or staff. Parking lot security guards can also handle both observation and apprehension of suspicious characters who frequent your parking areas. And, since vagrancy has become a significant issue in Southern California, your security guards can also ensure that your hotel guests are not bothered by vagrants in the area.

Documentation and Communication Taken Care of for You

Security companies in the area provide comprehensive training for their security staff. One aspect of this training covers both communicating with local authorities and providing strong documentation of any events that occur during the day. Your mobile patrol security staff can keep an eye on your parking area and can handle any incidents that occur at the moment. They can keep you informed of any problematic events afterward. Along with taking care of difficult situations, your security staff can provide you with strong documentation and handle communication so that you can focus on running your hotel.