• September 1, 2021
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If you are running a business, you want your customers and employees to be safe and secure at all times. They travel to work in their cars and motorcycles, and you want them to feel comfortable leaving their vehicles in the parking lot. Therefore, parking lot security is critical, and your company may take a few precautions to ensure that it is secure. Below are a few suggestions about how to accomplish this.

Security Escorts

If you have security guard services los angeles on the property, you can use them as security escorts for the employees or patrons. They can escort them to their cars if it is dark or late at night. You can let the staff know that security guards are available to escort anyone that feels uncomfortable going to their car alone. This security escort can be provided depending on how many guards are available.

Virtual Security Escorts

If the business does not have enough security guards to walk people to their cars, they can do it virtually. The security guard can monitor the person walking to their vehicle on the security camera and check on their safety, till they drive out of the premises. If they notice anything suspicious, the guards can assist immediately. They can also talk to the person on the phone till they reach their car.

Surveillance System

Installing a round-the-clock surveillance system can be useful for a business on a lower budget. Security cameras in the parking lot can be monitored when there is staff on the site and off-site security can manage the system during non-working hours. Video surveillance will prevent petty crimes and harassment. It also gives you evidence if any crime is committed and you can get the help of the police in apprehending the suspects.

Improve The Lighting

Good lighting is essential for the parking lot’s safety. You need to check if the parking lot needs overhead pole lights or does it require floodlights, to light up the entire place? Any dark corners need to be lit up so that the cameras can pick up the movement easily. You can add motion sensor lights to make sure people feel safe while you save on your energy bills too. 

A professional security consultant can make an assessment and help you with the lighting situation. Consult with Safeguard On Demand and we will make an assessment of your business security needs and allocate mobile patrol security services. If you are in the Orange County area Safeguard offers security services in Orange County. Be it any budget, we can tailor the security protocols as required.