What Is Commercial Security?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported in 2019 that 37.2% of burglaries reported to authorities had occurred outside of residencies. Offices, retail businesses, and other kinds of stores or shops may be at risk of security breaches that threaten their businesses.

Commercial security includes using both physically present security officers and security technologies to protect your business.

Commercial security may include:

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Why Hire a Commercial Security Team?

Commercial security teams, including commercial security officers, provide 24/7 monitoring services and support reducing the risk of break-ins and other security breaches. They help monitor a location for theft, fire, flooding, and other kinds of security threats.

Commercial security teams may be able to monitor a business on-location or through commercial security systems, allowing them to handle security issues on-site or by contacting your company directly when any problem is detected.

What Is Corporate Security?

Corporate security has an important role to play. Corporate security companies identify, manage, mitigate and handle any and all threats to a company. Those threats may be physical in nature, such as break-ins, or technological, such as cyberattacks.

What Does Corporate Security Consist Of?

Corporate security may consist of surveillance and monitoring services. It may also include services such as:


What Are the Benefits of Corporate Security?

Businesses may benefit from having a corporate security team because this team is prepared to handle the security threats caused by changes in the business landscape.

Corporate security:

Did you know that businesses in the United States face around 2,500 internal security breaches every day? Having a security team monitoring your corporation is one way to help be sure that those threats don’t end up negatively affecting your business.

Without a security team in place, your business may be open to threats. Hiring preventively is the only way to help your company protect itself from both external and internal threats.

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