• March 12, 2020
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When you are going about your daily life, it is often easy to forget simple things that can significantly impact your safety. Being careless with your information, your wallet or your property can have some big consequences. As far as the security of your home, here are some safety mistakes that you will want to avoid:

You Posted About Your Vacation on Social Media 

While you are wildly excited about your upcoming trip to Hawaii, you may not want to broadcast the details of your trip widely on social media. Suspicious characters can often use information about your vacations to determine when your home will be empty and easier to burglarize. When planning a vacation, try to avoid sharing information about your upcoming trip on social media for a while. If you have security services to ensure your home’s safety, Orange County mobile patrol security can keep an eye on your home until you return as well.

You Forgot to Lock Your Doors

In case you were not aware, a significant percentage of burglars enter their targeted home through an unlocked door. Even if your neighborhood is reputed to be a safe one, it is always a good idea to remember to lock your doors as soon as you get home. Security services in Orange County can also provide you with an alarm system, CCTV and other security measures to add on to your locked doors so that you can put any burglary concerns to rest. With both security services and a routine of locking and securing your home at night, you can feel a lot more comfortable.

You Failed to Communicate With Your Neighbors 

Neighbors are able to provide a lot of help to your security guard companies in riverside or security system simply by keeping a watchful eye. If you forgot to inform your neighbors of an upcoming trip or any security worries that you are having, you have lost a valuable ally in your security situation. Whenever you think of information pertinent to the safety of your home, take a moment to shoot a quick text to your neighbor or pop over and let them know. Of course, if your neighbors go on a trip, you can watch out for their home as well. In this case, a little communication can go a long way toward improving your security. 

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