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Sunny southern California plays host to numerous hotels and tourist attractions. Perhaps, you have had the opportunity to stay in some of Los Angeles or Orange County’s fabulous hotels or resorts. In order to help you enjoy your next hotel stay, here are some ways that you can be safe and work with security guards in Los Angeles:

Walk with Someone Else to Your Room

While security guards in Orange County or in Los Angeles help to secure hotels, you as a consumer can behave wisely and protect yourself as well. While this option may not be available to everyone, it is recommended to walk with another person to your hotel room. This advice applies to individuals of all genders, as thieves tend to follow any potential target back to a hotel room in order to determine whether their target is alone (and therefore easier to steal from). Typically, Orange County mobile patrol security can be watching hotel rooms for any suspicious activity, but it is always helpful for you to be alert and accompanied by another person. Also make sure to report any suspicious activity to the front desk.

Never Go Barefoot

You have heard that you should never go barefoot in the shower at the gym. Well, that logic does not just apply to the gym shower – it applies to your hotel room as well. Hotel room floors are subject to much more foot traffic than your home. Therefore, they host many more germs than the floor in your home does. No matter how thorough the cleaners are, hotel room floors can still harbor harmful bacteria and viruses. Individuals who travel frequently are encouraged to pack a pair of sandals to wear while in a hotel room and in a hotel shower. There is nothing that ruins a trip quite as thoroughly as contracting an infection from the hotel room floor.

Here’s My Card

Checking in at the front desk lets you check into your room, but it also provides you with an opportunity to take one of the hotel’s business cards for yourself. The hotel’s business card can you useful for you in a couple of different ways. First, the hotel’s business card typically has the hotel’s address and the phone number for the front desk. In the event that you need to call for help from your room, the business card gives you a direct line to the front desk. In the unfortunate event that you have to call 911 (or the emergency number of another country if traveling internationally), the hotel’s business card gives you the address to report to an emergency services operator. Secondly, if you are traveling internationally in a country where you do not speak the language, you can provide the hotel’s business card to a taxi driver if you become lost. The business card can effortlessly get you back to your hotel without having to ask for directions in another language.


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