• July 21, 2020
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Seeking childcare for little ones is a high-pressure task. Parents are looking for well-qualified, trained, and reputable child care facilities. And, since safety concerns for children need to always be taken into account, parents want a child care facility that can assure them of its security. Where child care organizations are involved, security services can be abundantly helpful. Here are some winning strategies that security guards employed to safeguard child care facilities:

 Strategy #1: Using CCTV to Their Advantage 

One of the most tried and true ways to maintain appropriate security is via the use of CCTV monitors. Security guards in Irvine can meet with child care organization staff and help to advise them as far as the best places for CCTV camera placement. CCTV monitors help your staff to gain information from all over the grounds in a quiet way. The information that you gain from CCTV cameras can help your security team to adjust their security plan and to find the largest security risks to the facility.

 Strategy #2: Checking in with Staff 

Child care staff have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal when it comes to previous security threats and risks. Security guard services in Irvine will most likely check in with the staff in order to find out more about the security problems that have happened at each individual facility. Since different facilities deal with unique security problems and unique families that use them for child care, your staff can give your security team a huge advantage as far as dealing with security issues. With more information about the security risks that face your facility, your security team can customize security support more effectively. 

 Strategy #3: Maintaining a Constant Presence 

Each child care facility will have different needs and desires when it comes to the visibility of their security personnel, but each child care entity needs a constant security presence. This security presence can look different depending on the needs of the facility. For some, a visible security force helps to deter criminal activity and parents who may overstep boundaries with staff. For others, a more unobtrusive security presence will help you to catch suspicious activity as it unfolds. No matter how your security team supports you, your team will prioritize constant and consistent support to keep your facility safe.

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