• April 17, 2020
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Fountain Valley, CA: April17, 2020: In a time where many businesses have to remain closed, Safeguard On Demand’s services are being celebrated for protecting businesses.

For those in California, many businesses are shuttered at the moment. While business owners would like to be working at their establishments, they are not able to go to work in this unprecedented time. Due to the current situation, a primary concern for many business owners is loss prevention and vandalism of vacant storefronts. Thankfully, Safeguard On Demand can provide security services that protect your assets. Safeguard On Demand is a security guard company in Orange County and knows just how to support you in this turbulent time. No matter what type of security services you need, you can find customized support from their team of security professionals.

If you need protection of a storefront or small business location, Safeguard On Demand can provide you with a dedicated security guard or a team of security guards. With thorough training in loss prevention and patrol-type security, one of their security guards can keep an eye out for suspicious characters and stop them in their tracks. Since looting is also a large concern for business owners, you will want to have a security guard to watch over your place of business when you can’t be there. Whether your business is 500 square feet of office space or an entire multi-story building, it is always wise to have a security guard to patrol when you cannot be present. 

When your business involves a construction site or a large warehouse, your security services may need to have a different focus. Orange County mobile patrol security guards can provide security that moves frequently and frustrates criminal activity. Since warehouses and construction sites offer many places for people to hide, your security team will need to keep up with them and keep watch around all parts of the property. Safeguard On Demand Security Guard Services can give you peace of mind even when you are not able to watch your business as you might wish to. If you are wondering about Safeguard On Demand’s business protection, reach out to their team today. 

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