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Have you ever wondered just how your security company arrives at their recommendations for your security services? It might surprise you to learn that hiring security services may look different for you depending on your specific situation and security concerns. When your security company asks you for information during your initial consultation, they are carefully looking at multiple factors that can raise or lower your location’s security risks. On top of security risks, your security company is also using information about past security problems and security concerns in order to put together the security plan that will best serve your specific needs. Here are a few of the factors that they consider to find your individualized plan:

Location’s Square Footage

One of the biggest factors that influence the recommendations from your security company will be the size of the area that needs to be secured. When security guards in Orange County are going to be providing security support for you, your security company will often need information from you regarding the floor plan and square footage of your location. Obviously, a larger location will present more of a challenge and may require more security guards or security cameras. Along with square footage, the complexity of your floor plan will determine where your security cameras need to be placed and may increase the amount of security guards that are required to keep your location safe.


For any location, a visually constrained area will be more difficult to secure. A wide open parking lot presents less visibility difficulties that a winding, twisty alley. Your security company may want to either come and see your location in person or receive very detailed pictures from you. Information regarding the visibility of your location helps your security company to decide how many security guards Los Angeles need to be assigned to your home, place of business or event. Not only does visibility help companies make personnel decisions, information regarding visibility helps security companies to determine patrol routes and how frequent patrols will need to be. Security cameras also need to be placed in locations that provide optimal visibility, so this information will determine camera placement as well.

Safety Concerns

When you are hoping to enlist security services in Orange County, your chosen security company will likely need pertinent information from you about the security history of the location. If you need security services for your home and have experienced a robbery, security companies will need to know. If you are hiring a security guard Irvine for your business park and one of your employees has been having difficulty with a stalker, providing this information to your security company is crucial. The history of past incidents and criminal activity provides your security company with a host of information that can help them to customize your security services to your situation and your concerns. Providing the most accurate information helps your security services to truly work for you.

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