• September 15, 2021
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If you operate a retail establishment, you would have at some point in time experienced shoplifting. This shows that people have been taking advantage of the weak security in your store, causing it harm. Stolen products might lower your income and harm your revenue stream significantly. Although shoplifting and theft are common in retail establishments, this can be avoided by improving your store’s security. To prevent stealing you can follow certain simple tips.

Staff Training

Training your employees is the most fundamental thing you can do, to prevent shoplifting. Most shoplifters avoid the store’s employees. But employees who have received training can keep an eye on and identify those who try to hurt the business. A friendly welcome greeting to everyone who enters the store can prevent shoplifting as the perpetrators can feel that they are being watched and may get caught. Proactive training can prevent such occurrences.

Background Checks

Employees stealing from where they work can cost businesses a lot of money every year. A thorough background check of new employees must be done. They must be monitored until they are proven to be trustworthy. Comprehensive training can only be effective if the staff are trustworthy. The new staff should also be made aware of the store’s regulations and procedures regarding what is expected of them.It will help you feel more secure about who is working in your store. 


To prevent theft and shoplifting, a good surveillance system should be installed in the store. The store can be monitored at all times and if anything untoward takes place, the video feed can be checked during the investigation. If the store is under the care of staff, you can view the CCTV footage remotely. Patrol Security Services alerts and notifications can be received remotely on your mobile phone.

Hire Security Services in Orange County

Hiring a reputable security guard services company like Safeguard On Demand is the best thing you can do for your establishment. They offer the best security services in security services orange county and can help businesses stay secure. The security guard can prevent theft and shoplifting while also providing a safe working environment for the employees.