• November 3, 2020
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As far as security services are concerned, gated communities present a distinct set of challenges. Gated communities have less entrances and exits than a typical neighborhood in a non-gated community. However, gated communities are a large area to be secured and taken care of. This combination of factors makes it important to use several different security services in order to keep gated communities safe. Here are 3 of the most crucial security services to use for gated communities:

Service #1: Security Guard Patrols

One of the first areas that need to be watched and secured is the entrances and exits to your gated community. Security services in Riverside typically begin by placing security guards at entrances and exits in order to get a good idea of who is entering and leaving the neighborhood. Security guards can also keep track of whether those coming into the area are residents of the neighborhood or guests. It is important that security guards know who is in the community in the event of criminal behavior or suspicious circumstances.

Service #2: Security Cameras

Another security tool that helps your security team is properly placed CCTV monitors within the gated community. These cameras don’t need to be everywhere. As long as security cameras are placed along the main thoroughfares of the neighborhood or in areas where crime is a problem, your security team will have a large amount of important information to work with. In the event of criminal activity, your security team can review the security camera feeds and look for patterns in the activity that they observe. The more information that your security team can gain from security cameras, the more they can customize security services to work effectively for your community.

Service #3: Mobile security services

Since gated communities tend to sprawl across a significant amount of area, considering the use of mobile patrols for the community is a wise idea. Patrol services security guards are better able to effectively patrol your neighborhood from a moving vehicle. You can choose whether you would prefer that your security guards travel in a marked car or in an unmarked vehicle. With customized security services available for your gated community, you can be sure that your security team can work well together to support your neighborhood’s safety and security.