• August 6, 2018
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The presence of a patrol around the premises of your party is the most effective visual deterrent to crime. No business or party organizer would like unwanted occupation, trespassing, or damage to property. A mobile patrol could be random or as instructed. All our armed guard private protection vehicles are fitted with GPRS and our internal audits and background checks are FBI-grade.

Most burglary is planned, so that they have maximum time to break in and commit the crime. Other times, it’s an impulsive action. Both of these can be prevented through random mobile patrol visits, both external and internal of the premises. Our trained personnel are highly experienced and are equipped with the latest technology. They conduct periodic perimeter checks and identify signs of any invasive activity so using these early signs, they can provide a greater layer of security.

Our guards during vehicle patrols wear a highly recognizable uniform and ensure a structured mobile patrol security system and carry out an agreed number of inspections. This is a great alternative to full-time guarding service, which may not always be necessary or cost effective.Extending the same notion, we customize our patrol type security based on your specific needs.

Our patrolling patterns are never the same, and with a 24/7 dispatch, hiring our high standards never translate to a gamble. Our guards are most responsive to our clients. Businesses that operate during traditional office hours, like retail stores are more likely to fall prey to thieves and wrong doers. The main idea is to protect assets when people aren’t around, so having a manned security would seem like the way to go. This does bring in higher costs and maintenance, which isn’t friendly to majority of the small businesses.

Why should they be let behind?

Making even the smallest of security efforts visible is the best pre-caution that any business can take. It is also very cost effective, for a small business or a group of similar small businesses to hire within the same locality. It’s also effective for businesses with multiple sites and locations. Out of all the security guard companies in orange county, we are the most responsive and effective security service in all of orange county. Our attention to detail is what makes us a promising partner to all the people that want to secure their life.

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