• October 1, 2021
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When dealing with a potentially violent situation, the first priority of a security guard is to try to defuse the situation. An enraged client or employee on the premises may threaten to harm others or attempt to destroy the property. They require someone to listen to them and assist them in calming down before the situation gets out of control. Some ways of dealing with stressful circumstances include the ones listed below.

Make a Strategy

Making a plan ahead of time will assist you in the event of a difficult situation. When assigned to a new location, security personnel need to know everything about the assignment. They will need to familiarize themselves with the operations of the new place and look for instances that could lead to a confrontation and diffuse it on time. 

Lookout For People Showing Signs Of Stress

Safeguard’s security guards in Orange County are trained to identify people who can be violent or create problems. A person may speak calmly, but his body language can be a giveaway. This may include crossed arms, flushed skin, or show stress on their face. A security guard can deal with the situation calmly. They can reason with the aggressive person and make sure that the situation does not escalate.

Show Your Authority

If a guard notices a person who is irate, they need to establish a sense of authority. This can be done with a conversational tone. A guard can convince people that he can help them with anything that they need while making them aware of the regulations of the establishment. They can tell them that any screaming or physical intimidation will not be tolerated. The authority that you show initially can offset some bad behavior.

The majority of well-known security organizations such as Safeguard On Demand, go through extensive training to deal with situations involving a dangerous situation. Our security guards at Irvine are trained to be calm and composed in the face of the situation. If the situation worsens, they will contact the police and file a report. 

Safeguard On Demand provides the most detailed training recommendations for dealing with these circumstances. Contact us and let us address any security issues you may have in your company. We offer security guard services in Orange County, Los Angeles, Irvine, Santa Barbara County, among others.