• August 13, 2018
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Most Security guards in Fountain Valley or security services in orange county use sub-contracted security services in order to cut costs and transfer all risks to the sub-contractor. This is an unfair trade-off isn’t it? It’s the truth and a very brutal way to put your trust at risk.

Mobile patrolling isn’t dangerous if you choose the right partner. There are times when your property is left alone and it needs on ground surveillance. That’s when a mobile patrol unit comes into play- the right solution that is specific to time and need. Plus, they have more liberty in terms of action and are cost effective. SafeGuard On-demand specializes in mobile patrolling services as we don’t sub-let any percentage of our tasks to anyone but our own guards. We work with guarantee and warranty.

Over and above deploying our own highly skilled personnel, we conduct a full check of the vehicle as well. From headlights, wipers, clutch and engine fluids- we ensure they’re all ready for any circumstance. We conduct a proper vehicle safety check before we start any run. It is our view that a precautionary mobile patrol is the bridge that connects the general public to law enforcement. While working with us, you will be exposed to crime tips, reports, public records and general safety measures as a part of our implementation routine. We do this because we keep your safety above everything else, and that awareness from all angles always comes in handy during emergencies.

This is our methodology in preventing crime and managing risk. Our guards are equipped to respond to all distress and alarm calls and follow unpredictable patterns of patrolling. The probability of success with our mobile patrols are higher because all the guards are familiar with customer locations. This results in a positive outcome during emergencies, and locations are always scout and studied in advance to keep our tactics updated.

This combination of experience, dedication and best in class equipment makes u an honest option to consider when it comes to your safety as our track record is the direct reflection of the many expensive, ineffective traditional security guard programs we have replaced across orange county. If you’re ready to partner with a team that proactively makes safety a habit, then get in touch with us today.

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