• November 3, 2020
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Fountain Valley, CA:   SafeGuard On Demand boasts competitive patrol services that utilize both security guards on foot and vehicle patrols to give customers the most comprehensive security possible.

No one wants security services that have tremendous gaps in either their coverage or their visibility. SafeGuard On Demand is a security company that understands how to provide services that are thorough and that cover all areas of concern. As a company in the Southern California area, SafeGuard On Demand is abundantly familiar with the types of security struggles that both businesses and local residents face. When you partner with SafeGuard On Demand, you’ll find that SafeGuard On Demand knows how to use their resources to dramatically improve your safety. Their professionals use a mixture of in-person patrols, mobile patrols, dispatch services and CCTV to give you a potent security team.
When you need patrols that give you visibility and security over a large area, mobile patrol services can help you. Mobile patrols cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time so that you always know the status of your business or your property. You can also choose whether you want your mobile patrol security guards to use a marked or an unmarked vehicle. A marked vehicle lends authority and credibility to your security guard patrols, but it may also warn suspicious characters away from a distance. While unmarked vehicles don’t give your security guards a lot of distinguishment, they allow your team to work effectively and they can give your team the element of surprise.

For security patrols that give you much more specificity, you may find that security guards patrolling on foot can be helpful to you. Security guards in Los Angeles are observant, well trained and can help you to monitor the problematic areas on your premises. Whether you need a back parking lot patrolled or the entrances and exits to a high-rise building secured, security guard patrols can provide an added security presence just where you need it most. Why suffer with clunky, slow-moving security services? Find the best security services that will fit your unique situation with SafeGuard On Demand today.

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