• August 3, 2018
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SafeGuard On Demand is a company that listens to your worries and fears, and handles them head on with military grade security equipment and measures at budgets you can easily access.

Fountain Valley, CA, August 3, 2018: Is your office or home in a quiet, isolated area? Do you frequently travel leaving your family and office without any surveillance? Are you struggling with a constant tension of property damage, vandalism, trespassing? SafeGuard On Demand can help you be free of all security worries!

When it comes to small businesses or personal security, we know that budgets aren’t high. Why should they be anyway when we live in a democratic world? We believe in upholding your safety at all costs, and we keep our clients upto date with all security routines, techniques and emergency measures. Safety is the collective effort of a team that is aware and vigilant, and as such our security services are the most reliable because we never off let any task to anyone but our own personnel.

Our mobile patrol security comprises of highly skilled and experienced guards that are not just available at 24/7 dispatch but also are very mature when it comes to handling delicate situations. They are trained to safeguard your image, not just safety. A lot of people believe that if their home or office is in a secluded area, it’s safe. The truth is it isn’t so. Locations like these are more prone to being misused by criminals, and catching them off guard is our motive. Our security guards from Orange County know the area very well, and hence follow unpredictable patterns of patrolling and leverage this native intelligence with the latest technology, in order to first visually deter criminals away and then lay smart traps to catch them.

We work very closely with the local law enforcement, and work to aid and assist them. Rapid response time is something that differentiates us from other security guard companies in Orange County as our guard units are stationed in close vicinity of your location, so any emergency signal by you will be addressed almost immediately, and in case of extreme emergency, our backups arrive soon too. Since we’re a private security company, we have slightly more freedom to exercise the latest measures in crime prevention.

There are times when static or stationed guards on site around the clock proves more effective, but that leads to more loopholes, miscommunication and lethargic response rates. It’s also very expensive to have this day after day. Our armed guard private protection is unique because we offer a very customizable solution based on your need. This includes type of vehicle, experience level of guards and timing patterns to visit site across multiple locations. Depending on the need and intensity of security required, we educate you with all the available options and help you choose the ideal choice so you are guaranteed transparency at all levels with us.

We do not offer cheap rates like our competitors; we’re honest with our budget-friendly pricing structure as your security is our responsibility. The problem with stagnant security with stagnant pricing structure is that they are deployed only at the main points of the location, and barely conduct an effective, strategic all round surveillance of the premises, leaving your security at the hands of fortune and chance. Even after installing security cameras and alarms, there is negligible amount of monitoring around the location due to lack of effective planning and low grade technology.

We keep all threats at bay by constantly monitoring and coordinating with all deployed units and audit and investigate suspicious activities at all times of the day. The nuisance is of course not always avoided, but we manage the probability and risk of occurrence intelligently and obediently.

If you think we could be the ideal security partners for you and your organization, feel free to let us know how we could help you feel safe through the following information:

11037 Warner Ave., Suite 297, Fountain Valley CA, 92708

24/7 Line: (714) 650-7193


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