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Fountain Valley, CA March 28, 2019 : SafeGuard On Demand, the leading security service based in CA, USA, is offering a wide gamut of integrated security services to its clients. The plans secure the property and establishments (both residential and commercial) and turn them into impregnable fortresses that are guarded by experts with the aid of sophisticated technology.

Security services market in the USA is increasing at a pace of nearly 5% annually, and some security guard companies in Orange County are leading and propelling this growth by offering trustworthy and exceptional services. SafeGuard On Demand is a highly professional and certified Newport Beach security services that is now offering integrated security plans for both residential and commercial establishment, through which the firm aims to offer world-class and uncompromisable security. The firm has been able to prevent thefts, burglaries, vandalism, violence, loss, and other adverse situations and occurrences through a well-formulated and integrated security strategy and plans.

The Integrated Security Plan

The integrated security plans of PowerPhrase On Demand, one of the most reliable security companies in Riverside are based on the use of sophisticated technology and feature different kinds of services that are customized to the requirement and unique situations of clients. Some of the aspects and features of these holistic security plans and strategy include:

  • Uniform/plain clothes/undercover security personnel and experts.
  • Mobile patrol security.
  • Use of latest technological gadgets (including Burglar alarms, GPS, and CCTV and security cameras from leading brands including Samsung and Sony).
  • 24/7 dispatch and immediate response time
  • Security customized for specific needs of clients, such as event security and construction security among others.
  • Gated communities

Safeguard On Demand works closely with the clients and also provides them daily reports on various aspects of security, safekeeping, operations, neighborhood and other aspects. The firm also helps the client in documentation when a legal situation occurs. The experts analyze the facilities and neighborhood of a facility or complex as well and overcome invisible dangerous and threats.

About the company: SafeGuard On Demand is a leading and proficient security services firm based at Fountain Valley, California, USA. It specializes in offering expert security solutions in the form of mobile patrols, on-site security,   security solutions, uniform/plain cloth security guards and distant security and monitoring through the use of technologies such as security cameras and GPS Global positioning system. The company has clients based across commercial and residential segments and the firm has made a mark and has a positive reputation in the market for its expeditious, affordable, and foolproof security solutions.

Website URL: https://safeguardondemand.com/

Address: 11037 Warner Ave, Suite 297, Fountain Valley CA, 92708

Phone number: (800) 640 2327-toll Free, (714) 650-7193

Email: info@safeguardondemand.com

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