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Whenever it comes to security, businesses are always confronted with a haunting thought: should I hire a private security company or my own staff? Security is never a reason to compromise any element with, it’s the prime tool that will enhance the experience and life of your private party. Well, here at Los Angeles, we at Safeguard on demand are the right solution for you!

Having a front-end investment on security will give you the peace of mind you need, especially during your business event at which your company’s image and reputation is at stake.

Do you know why some businesses have the worst parties ever?

  1. A guest comes to your private event and accidentally leaveshis phone on the mantle. Just before he gives his ticket to the valet, he remembers it. It’s gone, and there’s no one watch the CCTV cameras and actually stop the trouble the moment it’s spotted.
  2. Your business event is at a location that’s active on protests and political propaganda. But your own employees are barely proactive on showing up. Companies that don’t invest in employee safety do not care about boosting employee morale.
  3. Your company has a very important private event. But you’re constantly worried about shoplifters, gatecrashers and crime. Having an absence of a trustworthy mobile patrol security or private event security will imply more stress for you. Also, what about escorting employees during odd hours?

Hiring us means investing in your company’s growth as you get expertise, commitment, legal liability relief and all-round flexibility. Here’s how we vow to ensure your parties and events are private:

  1. Monitoring guest lists is the first on our list. As the most trusted security service in orange county, we’ll ensure that only the right people enter your party.
  2. Private parties do get a little wild sometimes, and hence our security not only provides a safe environment, but we also protect all property from possible damage and deter any rowdy behavior.
  3. Our security ensures we escort all attendees to transport after dark.
  4. In case of any accident or crime, we have a very professional way of handling it so as to minimize damage.
  5. We employ state of the art weapons and safety tools with our guards, so the right action is executed almost instantly without the lack of technology crippling us.

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