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Whether you run a business, a warehouse or a household, you know that security services in Orange County can be extremely helpful when it comes to peace of mind. With a security company taking care of your safety concerns, you are free to go about your business unhindered. However, when you are working with a security guard or a security company, there are several ways that you can help them and get more out of your security services. Here are some quick tips to help you maximize the effect of the security services that you use:

Keep a Watch

Security companies in Orange County are here to provide a dedicated security plan for you. When they are developing this plan, it helps if you have been able to observe any security risks or gaps. Have you seen someone loitering near the back fence of your property? It would be helpful to mention your observation to your security guard Orange County. Have you noticed that some of the cars in your parking garage seem to have been tampered with, but nothing was taken? Information like this is also useful to a security guard who will be supporting you. Any pertinent facts that you can relate to a security guard can help him or her to support your security needs more thoroughly.

Write down Suspicious Activity

When you are working with one of the security guard companies in Orange County, you may want to share information with your security guard frequently. If your security guard will be patrolling in the evening at your business, you can always leave a note for him or her. Even if you will be able to speak with your security guard within the next hour, writing down any concerning events will help you to remember them better. Try to include the date, time and any details that stood out to you from the events that you witnessed. Many criminal activities can be stopped short because a private party remembered specific information that helped authorities to apprehend the criminal.

Centralize It

If you find yourself writing down information and descriptions of events often, it is a good idea to find one single location to keep these notes. Find a notebook or a clipboard that you are willing to dedicate to this task. Whatever material you use, finding a specific place to put these notes helps you to better remember where everything is. Along with finding a notebook or clipboard, try to keep your notes in one location in your house or business. Are you writing down a lot of information that you relay to your security guard via phone? Set your notebook or clipboard next to your home or office phone. Are you relating information that pertains to tampering with the fence in your backyard? Hang a clipboard next to your back door. Providing relevant, accurate information to your security guard helps you to get the most out of your services.

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