• August 12, 2020
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Today’s educational landscape is evolving quickly. The change for educators is intense, and the security of your facility is the last thing that you want to worry about if you are an educator. A team of security professionals can be by your side to support the security of your campus, no matter how education is going to look this school year. Here are the tricks of the trade that help security professionals to protect you:

Procedure #1: Security Services Work to Complement Your Facility’s Schedule

The schedules of educational institutions are notorious for being busy. Between open house nights, different dismissals for different age levels and changing educational models, your security team will need to work with your schedule. Security guard services in Riverside can work with  your facility to make sure that they provide the appropriate level of support during both busy and quiet times. Once your security team can work with the facility’s schedule, they can support without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Procedure #2: Take Charge of Entrances and Exits

One definite advantage that educational facilities have over other entities is the opportunity to maintain a closed campus. A closed campus means that all visitors need to check in through a small number of entrances and need to check out when they leave. Security guard services in San Diego can maintain a presence in or near all entrances and exits so that they can be sure who is on the premises at all times. Your security team can monitor the flow of traffic at these crucial locations on your campus map and help you to determine your security risks more accurately.

Procedure #3: Use CCTV to Be There When You Can’t

While educational facilities can monitor the flow of traffic on school days, they carry the distinct disadvantage of having times when the public knows they will usually be closed. Since pretty much everyone knows that schools are closed on the weekends (and usually during summer), this knowledge can leave your facility open to burglary and vandalism. Your security team can utilize CCTV in order to keep an eye on any persons of interest who happen to enter your campus when it’s closed. With cameras all over your campus, your security team can keep supporting your facility at all times.