• April 11, 2019
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Fountain Valley, CA April 11, 2019 : Security market in the USA has sustained its growth, and the revenues are expanding at a rate of 5% annually. The pillars of this growth are proficient, expert, and professional private security guard companies in Orange County like SafeGuard On Demand that is offering integrated and customer security solutions to clients across business and residential segments.

By the end of the year, 2019 security services market in the United States of America will be close to USD 68 billion. The growth rate figure of 5% shows how valuable the services are proving for commercial establishments, industrial units, residential complexes, retail businesses and in other areas. The construction industry was always well aligned with Long Beach security services and the upsurge in nonresidential and residential constructions facilities is contributing to the growth. Securities nowadays is a core competency for many of the businesses and there are also regulations that make it mandatory for certain businesses to hire a professional Orange County private event security agency.

Alarm Monitoring Gains Prominence

Leading security and security guard companies in Orange County, California and the USA like SafeGuard On Demand are using the latest technology including burglar alarms, GPS or Global Positioning System, security cameras and CCTV surveillance, and other latest technological gadgets for making security full proof. The technologically advanced security is also added by analytics and plans, and the wholesome security solutions involve the use of security alarms in the facility management systems and smart homes. Alarm monitoring accounts for one-third of the spending on security services now. Other developing areas include PERS (Smaller Personal Emergency Response System), which are aided by a growth in the aging population. Safeguard On Demand is also specialized in mobile patrol monitoring, which is another security service gaining greater prominence.

Guarding services still account for major expenditure. Leading services including Safeguard On Demand are offering uniform security as well as undercover and plain-cloth security along with gated communities, neighborhood checks, and other privileges to their clients at a very affordable cost.

About the company: Safeguard On Demand is a professional, well-established and reputed security service company that offers uniform/plain cloth/undercover security experts and personnel to its clients. Other services offered by the company include event/construction/on-site security, mobile patrol security, surveillance and monitoring security and equipment (including CCTV camera and digital alarms) and others. The company is highly popular in California and other regions of the USA and has customized solutions for its clients that are based across business and residential sectors.


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