• November 26, 2018
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Fountain Valley, CA November 26, 2018 : Futuristic onsite security comes to both individuals and businesses in USA and California at much more affordable costs, as SafeguardOnDemand, the leading security service brings modernistic and integrated onsite security services to the doorsteps of clients.

While the USA saw around 0.2 % of the decrease in the crime rates, the numbers are still frightening. There were around 7.7 million cases of property crimes, which included robberies, burglaries and arson among others in the year 2016. The USA has a need for efficient and modern onsite security guard service and fortunately leading security guard companies in Orange County including SafeguardOnDemand are addressing the issue head-on. The service has added modern tools and equipment to its security service and trains the guards towards handling a wide range of adverse situations.

SafeguardOnDemand staffs security guards and officials after intense and rigorous FBI scrutiny and background checks. These guards are trained towards handling a wide range of adverse situations that may occur at a business or residential complex. They are also expert in handling communication and public relations and are trained in this regard as well.

Theft and vandalism effect both residential as well as commercial establishment and areas in the USA. From minor incidences to murders and robberies, these incidences occur in varying severity and in varying proportions. SafeguardOnDemand adopts modern monitoring and supervision tools, technologies and gadgets including CCTV cameras, and is also one of the first security services to initiate and provide Orange County mobile patrol security.

Talking to media men at a recently held press conference at the company headquarters in Fountain Valley California, the spokesperson of the company remarked: “we always keep pace with the modern technological developments and try to take advantage of these by providing better security to our clients”.

SafeguardOnDemand and other leading Orange County Security guard services are a boon for the USA society and help us live in a happy and safe environment by offering world-class security 24 by 7.

About the company: SafeguardOnDemand is one of the leading security guard and security services provider in the California region and USA. The modern services of the company include mobile security patrolling, VIP bodyguard security, onsite security guarding, remote patrol using CCTV service, and security service for events, religious facilities, private events and the like. Certified security guards, 365 by 24 by 27 availability and insurance are other hallmarks of this leading and affordable security service provider in the USA.

Website URL: https://safeguardondemand.com/

Address: 11037 Warner Ave., Suite 297, Fountain Valley CA, 92708

Phone number: 800-640-2327, 714-650-7193



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