• October 23, 2017
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Fountain Valley, California: Security firm, Safeguard On Demand, has recently begun the expansion of their Vehicle Patrol Services in California. Safeguard On Demand decided to expand their vehicle patrol services due to the positive response it has received from their clientele. Safeguard felt that bringing this affordable security solution to a wider selection of areas would provide property owners with a reliable and proven way to protect their businesses, guests, and patrons.

Safeguard On Demand’s CEO, Ahmad B. Nawabi, shared his company’s reasons for the vehicle patrol expansion: “We wanted to make our vehicle patrols available in a larger area, so that business owners who may not be able to afford a more robust security offering would still have a reliable option for protecting their customer’s well being, along with their own assets. A professional and highly organized security team can go a long way in providing safety and peace of mind. And each security detail is adapted to perfectly fit our client’s needs.”

Ahmad B. Nawabi went on to discuss several more advantages of Safeguard’s Vehicle Patrols:

  • The patrols provide a strong criminal deterrent. Each patrol vehicle is officially marked and manned by uniformed professionals. Their presence alone can help prevent crime and vandalism.
  • Safeguard’s patrols can cover a wide section of the surrounding area, which increases their ability to deter and prevent crime. The patrol’s mobility also means that should a business owner require assistance on scene they can be certain that help will arrive within a short timeframe.

Every patrolling guard is encouraged to be a resource to the community, meaning they provide assistance and information to guests and patrons as needed.

About Safeguard On Demand Security: Safeguard On Demand provides security guard services for businesses and individuals. Safeguard offers everything from on-site security guards, loss prevention, VIP bodyguard security and a number of different types of mobile security solutions. They specialize in tailoring each of their security details specifically for their client’s needs. Safeguard On Demand operates in Southern California, providing armed and unarmed guard services to Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa and much of the surrounding area.

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