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Orange County and many parts of Southern California play host to numerous private events year-round. Whether the event is a business conference or a music festival, each event comes with its own security concerns. When organizing a private event, one of your biggest concerns will always be the safety and security of your audience and your staff. However, you can turn those concerns over to Orange County private event security and let them help you to make your event a smashing success. By enlisting a team of security professionals, you can ensure that your private event goes off without a hitch and does not get derailed by problematic issues. Here are some ways to work the most effectively with your security team:

Just the Facts

When you have the support of Orange County security guard services, you will have personnel dedicated to the security of your event. It is important for you to give them as much information as you can about your event. The date, schedule, venue and start time are all crucial pieces of information that a security guard will need to know. These facts may also change the type of security services Orange County that are recommended for you. For instance, an outdoor concert venue will require a different type of security support than a tent with only two entrances. Providing more details to your security team means that you will get better tailored recommendations and a clearer plan for your event’s safety.

Optimize the Schedule

While you may have plans for how your event’s schedule will flow between activities, it may be in your best interests to check in with your security team as far as their recommendations for your event schedule. Security professionals may have input as far as lengthening the transition times between activities to allow for the security team to properly screen everyone as they walk in or out of your venue. Your security team may also have ideas for which specific entrances and exits that audience members should use once your event has started. Even though you may want complete creative freedom as it relates to your event schedule, it is always worth your while to run the schedule by your security professionals.

Adjust for Security Gaps

Once your security personnel have all the information about your event, they’ll alert you to some security gaps. For example, you may have tight security coverage inside of your venue, but no security coverage for the venue’s parking structure. Orange County mobile patrol security can provide coverage for the parking area at your venue if needed. Additionally, your security team may have recommendations about how best to ensure peoples’ safety before, during and after the event. For example, once the event starts, your team may recommend using only one or two entrances (not all entrances). Working with your security team to plan your event can help you make your event all that you hope it will be.


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