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There are several types of security guards who will be hired for various events or businesses or residential purposes. Out of them, Newport Beach Security services is of utmost importance and also influential. These marine security guards (MSG) will have to undertake the business which is quite hard. Of course, they are paid well for their services when compared to other security guards. An ordinary civilian cannot be taken as MSG. If they have to guard the marine they should be part of United States Marine Corps. Each and every Marine can apply for MSG but the numbers selected are only limited.

Responsibilities of an MSG:

MSGs are guard and provide security to more than 125 different US consulate offices and embassies around the world. Mostly Security guard companies in Riverside will stay within that premises and should take care of the building’s interiors like lobbies, entrances and exits. In case, they are posted at terrorist prone areas then they will be trained on how to react to fires, riots, bomb scares, evacuations, floods, and natural disaster.

Training of the MSG:

These MSGs undergo a vigorous and intense training. This training will be for one week and they will receive extremely specialized and tough training. Hence, 1 out of 3 people cannot complete this course. The failure rate varies from 30% to 35%. From this, you can understand how tough this training would be. Their hard work should be accompanied by traditional stitched uniform and they have to follow the appearance guidelines set by the Marine Corps. This training also varies according to their cadre. If they are in E6, they have to undergo 8 weeks rigorous training. In case, they are in E2-E5, they have to undergo 6 weeks training. E6 candidates will be posted as security guards Orange County for ambassador and delegates. Those who undergo 6 weeks training will be posted as “watch standards”.  They will be trained on how to handle the weapons, protection against various invader attacks, self-defense techniques, extensive knowledge of terrorist organizations and hierarchies and they will also be trained on how to protect the staff of embassies and consulates from any emergency attack.

Benefits of MSG:

The MSGs will be posted at different locations and will have to work in combination to state departments and will have to provide security services to embassies and consulates across the world. Security guards Riverside are even considered as specialist in protection and they have to protect valuable materials and persons of critical importance. The duty is done voluntarily. You will work with like-minded people and you will be assigned with more than 140 detachments. Hence, mobility is common in your service.

Thus, an MSG plays an important role in the security of various types as they are the specialist protection providers.

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