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Condominiums are exposed to a range of security threats. The unmonitored traffic can also bring to a condo complex the criminals who may commit more serious kinds of crimes, apart from thefts. Living in the closest proximity to people who you have never known before can also be a hazard, as the drunk neighbors may make a nuisance and can be violent as well. Because the maintenance and security management responsibilities do not lie on a single shoulder, the threat of errors, and subsequently crimes and burglaries based on these errors and negligence rises manifold in condos.

While the best secure services for security guards in Orange County can provide to you world-class CCTV cameras, gated and manned entrances, 24/7 security, and can even provide the Orange County mobile patrol security, there are certain things that should be taken care of by the inhabitants of the condominium. Here are some of the best security tips for you, if you are living in a condominium.

Be Vigilant

Ensure that the doors, as well as the main door of your Condo unit, are locked whenever you leave your condo. Keep your front door locked even when you are inside the condo. Also, ensure that the balcony door is locked when it is not in use, and avoid the communal places (like the laundry room) as well as the areas not adequately lit during the night time.

Invest in a Safe

The valuables like jewelry, important documents like passport, money, gold and other important and high-priced items should never be kept open, in full view. These should also be safely kept and out into the new fireproof safes, which can are installed by bolting them to the floors or walls. Therefore, no burglar can take it away. You can also invest in the new and hi-tech security devices, cameras, and alarm systems.

Make Your Door Impregnable To The Burglars

Security chains that allow the inhabitants to open a door partially are a good security measure, while the new doors with the horizontal sliding mechanism are also a safer bet. Deadbolt is considered better than the standard doorknobs and combines with a chain to offer good security. You can also install the wide-angle peephole and ensure proper check. The door hinges should be located on the inside so that they cannot be tampered with by the beginners.

You can also invest in insurance to take care of the finances in the most adverse of situations. The best way to secure a condominium complex is to hire a leading and professional security companies Long Beach specializing in professional services for security guards in San Diego and the USA.

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